Bay Area Reporter: Best Bars of the Bay

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably already knew that Oasis would snatch the crown as San Francisco’s favorite new club. The space’s gay history, prime SoMa location, and owners’ long-standing commitment to queer nightlife made Oasis a high-heeled shoe-in for the top spot. Since opening on New Years Eve, Oasis has quickly … Read more

SF Embarcadero

BARtab: Eats On Wheels

Everyone knows about the big food names in San Francisco, whether it’s Coi’s high-end Michelin-starred California cuisine, or Bar Tartine’s amazing sandwiches that have foodies and hipsters queued up on Valencia Street. The other day, a family of tourists from Korea stopped me on the street and asked the way to Ike’s Place for one … Read more

Stuff I Put In My Mouth

Tasty happy hour snacks from Basil Canteen.

BARtab: Beers, Dears

San Francisco’s history as a brewing town is well documented. It’s no surprise that there’s also a robust community of beer geeks who are well served by bars with beer programs that go far beyond the standard American mega-brews. We did some pre-emptive carbo loading, and set off on a path around town to find … Read more

SF Gate: Someone stole the seeds from Marketbar’s 1,400-pound pumpkin

“First we thought it was vandalism,” Marketbar owner Doug Biederbeck tells Scoop. “But then, I noticed it was done in a way so as not to spoil the overall appearance,  in the lower rear. It was clear to me that someone very consciously got into the pumpkin to get the innards out .” via Inside … Read more

The Kitchn: Sea Salt From the San Francisco Bay

    If you buy a box of Diamond Crystal Sea Salt, you are getting 100% San Francisco Bay sea salt. This is Cargills only sea salt operation in the world, and in fact, the only solar sea salt production facility in the United States, period. Their popular Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt comes from subterranean … Read more