Macworld 2012 Preview

They’re still taking the wrapping off of Macworld/iWorld 2012, but we couldn’t resist heading down to Moscone Center to get a sneak peek at what this year’s show has in store. We think the secret to Macworld’s power is hidden in this cryptic sign. Because when we dare take its picture, no less than three … Read more

Mac|Life: Stanton SCS.4DJ

Sometimes it feels like the whole world has turned into a Portlandia sketch, the one where Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen are cajoled by everyone (the bank teller, a garbage man, and even Carrie’s mom) to “come to my DJ night.” But all jokes aside, as a music fan, more DJs is a good thing. … Read more

Sonos S3

Like the times, music keeps a-changin’. These days, it’s more often enjoyed on the go from your iDevice, rather than by dusting off a CD or (gasp) record. That’s part of why Apple’s AirPlay feature, which lets you beam tunes from iDevices to compatible speakers, gets us so excited…but there’s actually a better option, if … Read more

NotePal Infinite EVO

When it comes to computers, heat is a bad thing. An overheated CPU will shut down, which sucks for obvious reasons. Operating at high temps can also lead to a shorter lifespan, which is equally bad, if not quite as obvious. Fortunately, the aluminum unibodies of Apple’s MacBooks are pretty good at dissipating heat. But … Read more