Mac|Life: Dropcam HD Review

The webcam on your Mac is great for FaceTime, but sometimes you need to keep tabs on something besides your desk. For keeping track of pets & babies, or that annoying kid down the street who keeps knocking over your garbage cans, Dropcam HD offers streaming video and sound to the internet, or your iPhone or iPad.

Mac|Life: Berlin Boombox Review

The Berlin Boombox aims to bring back some of that old-school block-rocking, in the form of a DIY boombox made out of cardboard. It’s quite literally a box that booms.

Mac|Life: FoldingText Review

Text editors. To some people, they can be as exciting as they sound, as in “not very.” But for writers, editors, software developers, web designers, bloggers, and anyone else who deals with large quantities of text or code, a great text editor is probably the most-used application on their Mac.

Mac|Life: iPad mini Review

 For fans of Apple, iPads, and shiny, beepy things, the arrival of the iPad mini is cause for celebration–and that’s before we’ve actually gotten our hands on the thing. Steve Jobs famously said that Apple wouldn’t get into the small-tablet market, and yet here we are just a few short years later with a small … Read more

Mac|Life: Budget Headphone Roundup

We’re in the age of the celebrity headphone. Everyone from Jay-Z to Quincy Jones to, um, Snooki has headphone deals now. Those celebrity endorsement deals don’t come cheap, which is why it’s common to see certain brands costing several hundred dollars. But not everyone wants to drop several bills on a pair of cans. So … Read more

Mac|Life: BungeeAir Power Wireless Security Tether

We all know what happened when that iPhone 4 prototype got left in a Silicon Valley bar. A journalist’s house got raided, two guys got a year of probation, and an Apple employee ended up with a lot of ’splainin’ to do. The whole situation could have been avoided if Apple had used Kensington’s BungeeAir … Read more

Mac|Life: Sifteo Cubes

Don’t get me wrong. iOS games are great. But sometimes all the tapping and dragging leaves us wanting some old-school gaming–moving stuff around and actually interacting with physical objects. Sifteo’s cubes bridge that gap, bringing tactile sensations back to digital gaming. The cubes have little color screens on top, but gameplay isn’t all virtual. Onboard … Read more