Lunch at Ottolenghi

While I was in London, I made a trip across town to have lunch at Ottolenghi. I had caramelized-onion & goat cheese quiche, with a butternut squash/corn/feta salad, and another salad of green beans/peas/black sesame seeds.

Forbes: Restaurant Foods That Are Ripping You Off

If a restaurant is “ripping you off,” why are you eating there? Sensational, link-baiting headline aside, this article seems to think that “value” is the only reason to eat out. If you thought you bagged a bargain by skipping the $29 burgundy-braised short ribs and opting for the $18 baked ziti with mushrooms, marinara sauce … Read more

The Onion/AV Club: Talking Chop

Sasha Wizansky and Amy Standen have meat on the brain. The pair recently began publishing Meatpaper, a magazine focused on that the editors see as a burgeoning “meat consciousness.” The A.V. Club spoke with Wizansky and Standen to find out more about what they’ve got cooking. Read More >