A.V. Club: Talking Chop

Sasha Wizansky and Amy Standen have meat on the brain. The pair recently began publishing Meatpaper, a magazine focused on that the editors see as a burgeoning “meat consciousness.” The A.V. Club spoke with Wizansky and Standen to find out more about what they’ve got cooking. Read More >

The A.V. Club: Start Your Wining!

First things first: Zinfandel is a red wine, not pink—and most certainly not “white.” Most people are familiar with Zin in the form of “white Zinfandel,” a light, cheap, pink, low-alcohol beverage that tastes more like a wine cooler than wine. Zinfandel (the red one), on the other hand, is the exact opposite; the flavors … Read more

The AV Club: Will Rock For Food

The last time Kara Zuaro played onstage, she performed a sax solo to “in the Mood” with her middle-school jazz band. As a music writer and food fan, she’s brought her two passions together in I Like Food, Food Tastes Good: In the Kitchen With Your Favorite Bands, a new book that features more than … Read more