SF Embarcadero

BARtab: Eats On Wheels

Everyone knows about the big food names in San Francisco, whether it’s Coi’s high-end Michelin-starred California cuisine, or Bar Tartine’s amazing sandwiches that have foodies and hipsters queued up on Valencia Street. The other day, a family of tourists from Korea stopped me on the street and asked the way to Ike’s Place for one … Read more

Stuff I Put In My Mouth

Tasty happy hour snacks from Basil Canteen.

BARtab: Cocktails, Anyone

While the Castro has no shortage of bars, lately we’ve earned more of a reputation for bottomless mimosas (and the drunk-and-crying over-indulgers they leave scattered across the sidewalk) than for finely-crafted libations. Don’t get me wrong, there will always be a place for the quick and dirty Jack and Coke in this town. But thankfully, … Read more

Bitter Suite

From Blackbird. It was so delicious, I couldn’t even wait for a picture before I started drinking it.

Lunch at Ottolenghi

While I was in London, I made a trip across town to have lunch at Ottolenghi. I had caramelized-onion & goat cheese quiche, with a butternut squash/corn/feta salad, and another salad of green beans/peas/black sesame seeds.

To Be Popular…