SF Gate: Someone stole the seeds from Marketbar’s 1,400-pound pumpkin

“First we thought it was vandalism,” Marketbar owner Doug Biederbeck tells Scoop. “But then, I noticed it was done in a way so as not to spoil the overall appearance,  in the lower rear. It was clear to me that someone very consciously got into the pumpkin to get the innards out .” via Inside … Read more

The Kitchn: Sea Salt From the San Francisco Bay

    If you buy a box of Diamond Crystal Sea Salt, you are getting 100% San Francisco Bay sea salt. This is Cargills only sea salt operation in the world, and in fact, the only solar sea salt production facility in the United States, period. Their popular Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt comes from subterranean … Read more

John Waters Talks About Riding Muni

I feel like I’m going on an amusement park ride. -John Waters, on riding MUNI

Slate: Mike Judge’s Cartoon Idiots Return

Beavis and Butt-head are back! Judge has long said that he ended Beavis and Butt-head (in 1997, after seven seasons) because he wanted to stop before he had “run it into the ground.” But it’s never too late to start. -via Beavis and Butt-head 2011 reviewed: Mike Judge’s cartoon idiots return. – Slate Magazine.

NYT: When an E-Reader Is Loaded With Books, Does It Gain Weight?

Q. When an e-reader is loaded with thousands of books, does it gain any weight? A. “In principle, the answer is yes,” said John D. Kubiatowicz, a professor of computer science at the University of California, Berkeley. via NYTimes.com.

Forbes: Restaurant Foods That Are Ripping You Off

If a restaurant is “ripping you off,” why are you eating there? Sensational, link-baiting headline aside, this article seems to think that “value” is the only reason to eat out. If you thought you bagged a bargain by skipping the $29 burgundy-braised short ribs and opting for the $18 baked ziti with mushrooms, marinara sauce … Read more