Wirecutter: The Best Handwarmer

handwarmers-group-630When commuting to an office (perhaps your “office” is the great outdoors itself), you may occasionally need a little help to keep the winter chill at bay. A hand warmer—a pocket-sized device powered by electricity or another fuel source—does exactly that. After spending a total of more than 65 hours testing hand warmers over the last year, we recommend the EnergyFlux 4,400-mAh hand warmer for most people. Great runtimes, an affordable price, and the ability to charge your USB devices make it our pick for the second year in a row.

We like the EnergyFlux for most people due to its ease of use, ample heat, six-hour battery life, and convenient 4-hour-and-30-minute recharge times, which work via a wall outlet or USB port. Turn it on, set a desired heat, turn it off, and plug it back in as needed. As an added bonus, its USB connection also doubles as a backup battery to recharge your USB devices.

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