Record Club #2: The Lemonheads, It’s a Shame About Ray

Shame About RayI am a music geek. The Record Club is an occasional series about records in my collection. Some of them are great, others are only great to me. Either way, this is my own personal soundtrack. It goes up to eleven.

I just want a bit-part in your life!

“Dude! Get in the car! You have to hear this!”

“No. I have to get to class.”

“Fuck going to class. This will be worth it, I promise.”

“I already cut this morning going to Chuck’s. If I bail again, they’re gonna call.”

“They won’t call. Shut up. Get in the car!”

I got in the car, and slid in the CD that was hanging out of the dash. As we screeched out of the parking lot, the guitars kicked in, Evan Dando’s voice came pouring out of the speakers, and my life changed ever-so-slightly. We rode around, listened to the album a couple times through, and then got back to school just before last period.

They never did call my parents, even though I ended up missing four classes that day. But if my mom asks, there was a problem with the blueline, and I was working in the Newspaper room all afternoon, OK?

Released: 1992

First heard: In my friend Travis’ car, again.

Side A or side B: A, because well—it really is a shame about Ray. Although Side B gets honorable mention because of Frank Mills, and a particular (ill-advised) a cappella rendition over the school PA system one morning.

Favorite Track: Bit Part. It’s under two minutes, has a pounding drum beat, and some classic Evan Dando lyrics. Plus It’s a Shame About Ray, for obvious reasons.

Where This Record Came From: Like all of my CD purchases from the early 90’s, it came from Tower Records, at least the first time. When I was a freshman in college, some jerk at a dorm party stole my copy, so I bought another one at Amoeba Records in Berkeley.

Seen Live: Twice. Once at Tower Records in Berkeley. And once in 2011 at The Independent when Evan Dando toured and played the entire record with a new version of The Lemonheads. It was awesome. And made me feel hella old (What!? It’s been 20 years?).

I never actually saw the video until now. Johnny Depp!

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